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Photos That Show Why Iceland Is The Last Place You Should Ever Visit

First published on TripZilla.

Ah, Iceland, everyone’s dream destination. But wait – why is it even?! All that raving about stunning scenery that you’ve heard? It’s. A. LIE. A big humongous fat lie!

Think I’m crazy? Here are 23 photos that will change your mind.

1. Why would you want to fly halfway across the world for a few trickles of water?

2. They call this a waterfall? Pfft. A canal’s more like it!

3. Check out this weird green-y bubble of water

4. What is this – water gone crazy?

5. One word to describe their beaches – UGLY

6. And their waves? Don’t even get me started

7. It’s not like their landscapes are anything to look at

8. Or to step on

9. Their mountains are meh

10. Why is everything frozen over?!

11. Their obsession with ice is bordering on unhealthy

12. Seriously just looks like an accident waiting to happen!

13. Why freeze your ass off for such a bleak view?

14. Their pools look suspiciously poisonous

15. Why would anyone even step into that?

16. And put this on their faces?! 

17. We’ve seen waaay better sunsets elsewhere

18. There are no decent backdrops to take photos against

19. I repeat, nothing decent!

20. The food is mushy. And icky. 

21. Can you believe they even have houses for elves? Delusional!

22. And the Northern Lights? Come on, you know you have almost zero chance of seeing those moving green clouds!

23. Yep, why even waste your time flying all the way here?

Seriously, your time is better spent elsewhere. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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